Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finding Joy: Day 2: My twin.

The past two weeks have been really rough, and tiring, siblings sick & dad having to work over so much.  It can make a person feel overwhelmed sometimes.  It's been harder to find the brighter side of things, sticking with my hand folded & my eyes closed, praying had helped.    Finding joy in something everyday can be a bit of a challenge during a bad day, but there's one person who made me smile SO much today, writing this post I can't help but to have a grin on my face.  Her name would be Alyssa, my amazing best friend that I just so happen to call my twin.
We talked this afternoon & she always cheers me up!  I feel SO blessed that God has placed her in my life, for no doubt, a very special reason!  She is a very strong, beautiful girl, who can fill me up with joy just talking about the funniest things, that we do.    I can talk to her about every little thing & she always understands.    I just wanted to thank God for putting her in my life!  & Thanks Alyssa for being so truly amazing!  I love you SOOOOO much!! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finding Joy: Day 1.

Starting today I think I will TRY my hardest to write a post on something that brought me joy through out my day.  Well I can honestly say, I find joy in many things through out the day.  And even if I don't post about it, I'm sure I'll find one everyday.

Today I found joy in music, while I was doing dishes (One of my least favorite chores.)  I listened to some Skillet & danced around mouthing the words, like some awesome band rocker.  And yes, if you would have seen me, you, with out a doubt would have fell to the ground laughing at me.   Because I'd sometimes stop & laugh at myself.  (Yes I am a dork, but, hey nothing wrong with that. ;)
Point is it brought me a lot of joy just having fun & breaking free dancing to the sound of worship music. (I know some people don't consider Skillet a "worship" band but, one of the songs I was listening to was from a "WOW Hits" CD.  Which is what made it pretty sweet!  It's the 2012 CD, it's also got some RED in it, not bad. ;) )

I hope you too can start trying to find AT LEAST ONE thing that brings you joy during your day!  Trust me, it will make you feel happier if you do! Count all your many blessings!  Remember JESUS LOVES YOU!!! :D


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finding The Joy In All Things...

Okay so lately I've complained a lot, & mostly bursting out all my feelings onto other people (Sorry people :( )     Things had just been rough the past month or so.  Personally it was SMALL problems for me, such as sickness, car troubles & other things.  (I refuse to complain so I will just stop listing off things, ha ha)   I found myself slowly slipping away from finding joy & happiness.  I was down & out.  Which is okay, cause we've all been there & done that, I do believe. ;)    But, for me, I dislike to complain big time.  I think it's one of the most useless things we do on earth, why whine & complain when we could spread smiles & words of encouragement & joy!   
Finding joy in everything in life is hard, & sometimes seems impossible!   Once you really start to dig for joy & happiness in your life & trials, you'll find it!  Life is beautiful, & you only get one!  So why waste it complaining & pouting about everything?     A way to keep a happy clean mind, is always count your many blessings.  We're all blessed in one way or another.    When I start counting just how many things God had given/blessed me with, I can't help but to feel like the most blessed girl in theworld!  God is so good.   He only does what He does because HE LOVES YOU & me!    And that's the honest truth!   God's love could NEVER fail, not ever, no matter what we do, or how we do it!  He'll always love you, if that alone isn't enough to make you smile, I don't know what will! :)

Sorry this was so short & not very well written, I'm holding my baby brother & trying to type at the same time.  (Not the easiest thing to do, ha ha)

I hope you got a little something out of this, I'll try really hard to start the blessing counting posts again! I've missed writing them.    With school & all I've been busy out of my mind. But, I WILL try to post more often. :)   Thanks SO much for reading!

God Bless <3

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Strong Enough Matthew West Lyrics

So, hello everyone! It's me, yeah you probably thought I'd been sucked down into a black hole or something, I've been awful about posting lately. And I am VERY sorry, I've been meaning to post on here forever & I've even made several drafts I'm working on. ( I promise I'll get them up)
Anyways, I heard this song a few months ago or so, I totally loved it & after Addision Road's song "This Little Light of Mine" This as to be my theme song for life when things are tough. I know a lot of people are probably feeling stressed right now, just getting back into the groove of school & no more summer freedom, trust me I feel ya. College students are back to school & so are all the high schoolers & so on. Homework is overwhelming & whatever so it's just..tough? Ha ha, I'm sure we could think of many ways to describe it. I know things can get tough & stressful & sometimes we just feel like pulling our hair out & screaming "What are you thinking, God?!" Admit it, we've all thought it at one time or another. This song is PERFECT for those moments <3 I'll stop talking now so you can listen to this amazing song!

I hope you enjoyed the song! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Live Today Like It Was Your Last: What Matters?

Here is my second post on the "Live Today Like It Was Your Last" series.   Today I want to talk about what matters to you in life.   Since we only get one life here on earth.  How can we make the most of what we've got?  I mean, in the world today your life is what people call "good" if you've got the Ipod, IPhone, big house, new car, the newest hair styles & out fits.    All those things are pretty amazing to us!    But, have you ever really thought about where that stuff is going to go when you die?   You won't need any of it anymore.    What I am trying to say is all those things are really great but, in the end, what really matters most?   When your on your last day, is how you look going to matter?  Or what you had?  
Not really, no.    In the end, how you walked and lived for Jesus is what's really going to matter.   How would you feel if you got saved & went to church, did all the Christian things.  But, you never really prayed, except for maybe dinner?    You put all your time & life into things that never really meant anything.    
I just starting thinking about when I turned around almost 15, I realized what was really important to me & what really matters in life, not what I have, or what I want.  But, what I do & how I do it! 
I wanna tell others about Jesus Christ & help anyone I can.  I want to spend more time with my family, while we're all together on earth!   Those things truly really matter to me!   If I died today, I'd would have wanted to spend every moment I could have laughing, talking & just being together as family.   & I would have wanted to have known I did everything I could for Jesus & tried my hardest to share & spread His word to everyone I could!  

So today ask yourself, "If you died today did you do all that really mattered to you?"

Thanks so much for reading, sorry it's not very great.  Like I said, it's kinda a hard subeject to write about.    PLEASE tell me what you think down below this post.   I LOVE to hear what you guys think, it really helps me write more! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Live Today Like It Was Your Last: Remembered

Hi Everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been so busy.  Anyways, good news is I'm back!  :) 

I'm starting a new theme for the next few posts, it's titled "Live Today Like It Was Your Last"
Today's is asking yourself the question "How do I want to be remembered?"   

If your my friend on Facebook the title of this post is often posted as a status of mine.  I know it probably gets old to some people, hearing it over & over again.   I want everyone to realize that the next second isn't promised to be ours.   God could take you home anytime. Which by the way, He already knows exactly when that time is!   It's God people, He knows all!
It's hard for us to even wrap our minds around the thought of all He knows & does.   God had a reason for not telling us when exactly He's going to take us off earth.  My guess is because, we'd all freak out if we really knew just how many days of our lives we had left to live.    At least I know I would. 
I see so many young & full of life people die everyday.  Just watch the News & you'll see.    I always wonder, how they lived they're last few days, hours, minutes, seconds of their lives.   How do people remember them now?    Did they get a chance to tell their loved ones how much they loved them.  Did they treat everyone kind or dirty?    Have you ever really asked yourself those questions?  How are people going to remember you once die?    I've been asked this questions a few times before & then I asked myself, "How do I want people to remember as?"
Well, I would want them to know I was a christian, & I acted the way Christ would want me to, treating others with respect & kindness.  
I know it's so tough to be nice to everyone & say kind things.  I have eight little brothers that can drive me crazy at times, it gets super hard to always say kind, sweet, loving things.  & I mess up, a lot.  We all do.  It's a normal natural human thing.    But, what if someone you loved died & the last thing you ever said to them was something unkind & mean?  I would feel terrible!   We must treat everyone as if it was the last time we'd ever speak to them.  Cause God never promised us the next second.  

I hope this made sense.  It's kind of a tough subject to write about.  Please tell me what you thought & I'll try to get the next post up asap! :)
Thanks for reading!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Prayer Requests?

Hey everyone!  I'm someone who loves to pray, a lot.  Anything that goes wrong I try to turn to God & pray.   I was trying to think of ways I could help out people, in some way.  & the one really good thing I could think of is praying,  I'd love to pray for any of you guys!  I just recently started a "Prayer journal"
In other words, it's a note book I write prayers down, so that I won't forget any of them.    I know some things are personal so all you have to tell me is that it a unspoken & I'll still pray for you.   If your not comfortable with commenting a request please email me @  & I'll write your name down in my prayer journal.  Please let me know if I can pray for you are talk to you about anything.  I would just love to hear from you!   THANKS :D